What Do We Know About D.B. Cooper?

disappearance_cooperIn November of 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper kicked off a mystery that would fascinate generations. While many people have theorized about the fate of D.B. Cooper — and his true identity — the story of what happened to him has never solved.

We do know that D.B. Cooper bought a one-way ticket for a flight bound for Seattle on November 24th, 1971. When he was on the flight, he passed a note to a flight attendant saying that he was carrying a bomb. He asked for her to sit with him.

He opened the briefcase he was carrying and showed something that appeared to be a bomb. He said that he was taking the plane and its passengers hostage. He requested $200,000 and four parachutes. When the plane landed in Seattle, that request was filled, and the passengers were released.

D.B. Cooper then requested that the plane fly towards Mexico City. At some point during this flight, the hijacker jumped off of the plane using the parachute. He carried the ransom money with him. The pilots were able to land safely.

Since that happened, the FBI has investigated the case and done its best to find the hijacker. Over the years, there have been more than 800 suspects.

Some believe that D.B. Cooper is still at large, and that he used the money he found to build a new life for himself. Others believe that Cooper died when he jumped from the plane.

Recently, some of the money that D.B. Cooper took was found rotting in the woods. This seems to bolster the theory that he perished when he made his big jump.

The D.B. Cooper case is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of all time, and it is possible that it might never be solved. Why he couldn’t just get a Long Island FHA Loan, I’ll never know. Anyway, you can watch the entire Documentary on him here:

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