Guide On How To Play 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is a well-recognized game in the gambling world and is often found in online poker rooms in Betfair Casino. It has been used for generations as a way to set up competitive games that are played between different levels of players.

For those who are interested in learning how to play this form of poker, you’ll need to know where to begin and what it encompasses.

Here is a deeper guide on what you need to know when it comes to this form of poker.

1) Ante or Bet

You are going to begin by making an ante or a gamble. In essence, an “ante” is a primary, but everyone makes that on the table.

2) Three Cards

Each player is going to receive three cards to play with from the dealer. These are given face down, so only you can see them when picked up.

3) Fold or Raise

You have two choices when it comes to your turn. You can fold or raise. Fold means you lose the “ante” and raise means you increase it.

4) Dealer Turns Over Cards

This is when the dealer is going to push the game forward and reveal the three cards on the table. The dealer will need a queen-high or more to qualify. If they don’t, you take home the money and win the round. If they do, your hand is compared to the dealer to see who wins the ante.

5) Ties

What if it is a die between you and the dealer? You are going to see a “push” put forward. This means “all-in” with your bet.

7) Straight or Better

If you show a straight or better, you take home the ante bonus that’s on the table.

These are the key rules to 3 Card Poker.

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