What’s The Difference Between A Jet And An Airplane?

military-raptor-582888_640Jets and airplanes both allow passengers to cruise across the sky at speeds that simply can’t be reached when choosing land-travel. Passengers can enjoy high altitudes, amazing views and comfortable seats no matter which aircraft they choose. With all those similarities, it can be tough to determine if there are any differences between a jet and an airplane. While both models have a lot in common, they aren’t the same thing. Here are some characteristics that make jets and planes unique.

A Jet Can Be Considered A “Type” Of Airplane

Jet engines are what makes a jet unique from any other aircraft. While airplanes tend to get their power from propeller driven pistons, jets derive theirs from multiple jet engines sitting in the rear of the plane. There are a lot of aircrafts that are considered both a jet and a plane. For instance, the commercial jet airplanes that are used by JetBlue. This company uses airplanes that run on jet engines.

Not All Jets Are Airplanes Though

Rockets and space crafts use jet propulsions to get them off the ground. But these vehicles would not be considered airplanes as they are not used for commercial purposes and fly much higher than airplanes do. If any aircraft has a jet engine on it, it is also considered a jet. So a jet is more like a type of engine than a type of aircraft.

The Basic Difference

Many consider a jet to be unique from an airplane. But this isn’t always the case when the plane has a jet engine. Keep this key difference in mind and you’ll have no trouble explaining what a jet is when it’s brought up in conversation. The most important thing to remember? It’s just a type of engine.

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What Do We Know About D.B. Cooper?

disappearance_cooperIn November of 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper kicked off a mystery that would fascinate generations. While many people have theorized about the fate of D.B. Cooper — and his true identity — the story of what happened to him has never solved.

We do know that D.B. Cooper bought a one-way ticket for a flight bound for Seattle on November 24th, 1971. When he was on the flight, he passed a note to a flight attendant saying that he was carrying a bomb. He asked for her to sit with him.

He opened the briefcase he was carrying and showed something that appeared to be a bomb. He said that he was taking the plane and its passengers hostage. He requested $200,000 and four parachutes. When the plane landed in Seattle, that request was filled, and the passengers were released.

D.B. Cooper then requested that the plane fly towards Mexico City. At some point during this flight, the hijacker jumped off of the plane using the parachute. He carried the ransom money with him. The pilots were able to land safely.

Since that happened, the FBI has investigated the case and done its best to find the hijacker. Over the years, there have been more than 800 suspects.

Some believe that D.B. Cooper is still at large, and that he used the money he found to build a new life for himself. Others believe that Cooper died when he jumped from the plane.

Recently, some of the money that D.B. Cooper took was found rotting in the woods. This seems to bolster the theory that he perished when he made his big jump.

The D.B. Cooper case is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of all time, and it is possible that it might never be solved. Why he couldn’t just get a Long Island FHA Loan, I’ll never know. Anyway, you can watch the entire Documentary on him here:

Types of Turbulence

There are three main kinds of turbulence: Light, Moderate and Severe.

Light turbulence is what you feel most of the time when flying in a commercial flight. A few bumps here and there, like someone hitting pothole while driving. The altitude in the plane only changes my a few feet and is sometimes unnoticeable.

Moderate turbulence is when the people in the airplane start to notice the bumps because they last more than one time. It might last for 10-15 minutes. The airplane only changes altitude for a few feet but it can be uncomfortable to passengers.

Sever Turbulence happens RARELY. It’s when the plane changes altitude from 30-50 feet (as opposed to the others where its 3-5 feet). It is by no means HUNDREDS like some Hollywood movies portray.

The Bigger The Better Right?

This video is so cool because it’s about the biggest airplanes in the world. But just because it’s bigger it doesn’t mean it’s better. AU CONTRAIRE! In fact, these use more fuel, generate more pollution and the physics behind them is RIDICULOUS!